What I Want To Accomplish Tonight:

1. Finish weekly course reading

2. Begin rough draft of weekly response paper

3. Bake muffins

4. Finish the laundry

5. Wash/prep veggies for the rest of the week

6. Send important emails

7. Defrost and marinate chicken wings

8. Wash the dishes

9. Quick tidy of the condo

10. Evening swim

11. Reading in bed for a bit to wind down before drifting into a peaceful and refreshing slumber


What I Will Actually Accomplish Tonight:

1. Fatigue denial

2. Reclining on the couch

3. Convincing myself I am only resting for a few more minutes

4. Reading the same sentence over and over again… (that counts as doing coursework, right?!)

5. I refuse to have a nap.

6. Thinking about getting up to put on another load of laundry

7. Why is the kitchen so far away?

8. Defrosting the chicken in the fridge (marinades are overrated)

9. Deciding not to go to bed early because that will only lead to insomnia (true story)

10. Still not napping – my eyelids are this droopy all the time, I assure you

11. Finally admitting defeat around midnight and making an epic To Do List for tomorrow, then crawling exhausted into bed


Real life, y’all. #FatigueStruggles #NotEnoughSpoons


Author: Kate

I see the world differently; it's why I have to write. And, because I love words.

2 thoughts on “Incongruity”

  1. Aaggghh, Kate! That was a sad story. =[ But the way you told it made me laugh. =] But I hope you’re managing to get some rest so that you can attack that first to-do list tomorrow. And also just so that you feel better and more energetic in general. Sending much love and many hugs! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


    1. Yay, mission accomplished! 😀 I’m not pushing tonight, which means lots of resting, puttering, and hoping I might get a burst of energy/alertness later on before bed. It’s frustrating to feel exhausted but it rarely gets me down, so no need to feel sad on my account. I always struggle to convey that I’m feeling fine on the inside (emotions, mentally, etc.) it’s just that my body didn’t get the same memo!


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